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Steam self-tuning device with remarkable energy savings
  Published £º2013-6-14    Source £º    Click£º1252
China Chemical Machinery Reuters: Recently, tight construction and debugging, the coal Tianyuan 32 fixed bed gasifier using all the steam self-adjusting device, daily savings is estimated that about 60 tons steam cost about5,000 yuan.
Steam self-tuning control device can be quickly adjusted as conditions change, high sensitivity, more timely than manual operation; same time, the device is able to effectively take advantage of the low pressure steam, waste heat recovery, reduce vapors and waste, and can optimize the gas component to improve carbon monoxide utilization, reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is understood that the company s gas furnace has been small-scale trials, to good effect. Then in September annual overhaul, all gas furnace intake control device to replace all the steam self-adjusting. Currently, the company is self-adjusting steam system optimization and adjustment in order to meet production needs.
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