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The tubular filtration enhance titanium dioxide
  Published £º2013-6-14    Source £º    Click£º989
China Chemical Machinery Reuters: September 11th, a by Dalian Fahrenheit Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. developed new tubular filter in the Sam Sung Group Jiangxi Tim optical Chemical Co., Ltd. 50,000 tons / year of rutile titanium dioxide production line through the continuous operation for a year "final exam". Run data: the accuracy of the new tubular filter machine filter residue content of 10 ppm or less, increased by 50% compared to traditional filtration equipment. The reporter also learned that the new tubular filter life longer than similar foreign products, but the price is only half of the imported products.
Tim optical Chemical Chief Engineer flower small Wei said, filter quality, labor intensity, clean production, water consumption and yield indicators to measure the tubular filter machine will be the first choice for titanium liquid filtration. Filtration and separation processes is one of the sulfate process titanium dioxide production process. According to the technical experts of the National Titanium Dioxide Industry Lee Yi East After years of innovation, some new equipment in the titanium dioxide production of sulfuric acid method has been applied to promote the development of the titanium dioxide industry. However, titanium liquid filtration process has been a long-term frame filter "dominate the world". Almost 70 domestic titanium dioxide production enterprises, each enterprise only the titanium liquid filtration process generally need two or more of the plate and frame filter equipment, the country needs at least 140 sets of filtration equipment. Can better equipment to replace traditional filtration equipment used to improve the operation and on-site environment, improve the filtering effect, to achieve energy conservation? Domestic titanium dioxide business began a bold attempt to use the new equipment, the tube filter into the of Tim optical chemical perspective in this regard.
Dalian Fahrenheit deputy general manager Shen will light tube filter machine is a precision filtration equipment, devices small footprint, large capacity, high degree of automation, high filtration precision by human impact factors, has been widely used in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries. To ensure that the tube filter in the successful use of the titanium dioxide business, in 2006, to add light to chemical and Dalian Fahrenheit tube filter machine used in titanium dioxide production experiment in 2010, after several years of industrial experimental study, Tim optical chemical filter tube at 50,000 tons / year of rutile titanium dioxide production line hot the titanium liquid filtration process, the production line officially put into operation in the last year. The actual production run tube type filter device accuracy residue content of 10 ppm or less, plate and frame filter press filter accuracy is generally 20 to 40 ppm. Same filter area of ​​150 square meters, tubular filter machine can meet the demand of 50,000 tons / year of titanium dioxide production, and frame filter press can only meet half of the production demand. In addition, the tube filter can be applied to a variety of control methods to reduce operator workload.
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