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State Department: to promote the reform of the energy market
  Published £º2013-6-14    Source £º    Click£º952
  China Chemical Machinery Reuters: released by the Information Office of the State Council on the 24th, "China s Energy Policy (2012)," the white paper says, China has actively promoted the reform of the energy market, and give full play to the basic role of the market in resource allocation. All included in the national energy planning projects, in addition to laws and regulations clearly prohibited, are open to private capital.
White Paper clearly encourage private capital to participate in the exploration and development of energy resources, oil and gas pipeline network construction, power construction, to encourage private capital to the development of coal processing, conversion and refining industries, and private capital to continue to support a comprehensive new energy and renewable energy industry. Strengthen and standardize the management of coal exploration and development rights, the phasing out key contract coal and market coal dual pricing system and perfect the mechanism of coordinated development of coal and coalbed methane. Deepening of the power system reform pilot steadily carry out the separation of transmission and distribution. Actively promote the reform of electricity, and gradually formed the generation and sale of electricity prices determined by the market price mechanism, transmission and distribution tariffs are set by the government. Straighten out the coal and electricity price relationship. Explore the establishment of a renewable energy quota trading system. Successful implementation of the refined oil tax the linkage reform, the use of taxation to guide rational energy consumption. Constantly improve the to rationalize oil price formation mechanism, and on natural gas price formation mechanism reform pilot. Improve the energy market system, the development of the form of spot, long-term contracts, futures trading.
The White Paper pointed out, improve energy legal system, and to provide legal protection to regulate the energy market, the protection of the ecological environment, and maintain energy security. China attaches great importance to and continue to actively promote the construction of energy legal system, currently under research and feasibility studies to develop the energy law and oil reserves, protection of marine oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power management, administrative regulations, revise and improve the Coal Act, the Electricity Act and other existing laws and regulations, and promote legislation in the field of oil and gas, nuclear work.
The white paper says, to improve the efficiency of energy resource development and utilization, to promote the scientific development of the energy industry, and the maintenance of national energy security, we must strengthen the management of the energy industry. Implementation of strategic planning and macro-control, integrated use of planning, policy, standards and other means great importance to the development of energy industry management. Reduce government intervention in micro affairs, simplification of administrative examination and approval. Strengthen the supervision of monopolistic practices and unfair competition. 
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